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Emergency Plan


Emergency Planning and Community Resilience  Emergency Plan (Public) V2 Oct 2023  /   call cascade - May 2023 (Unrestricted Version)

Emergencies happen – defined here as situations posing significant risk of harm to individuals, communities or property. In emergency situations the blue light services (police, fire and ambulance) and county and district designated officers will take control to assess and manage the emergency situation. It is a possibility however that prior to the emergency services arriving, or during the progress of an emergency, organised contributions by local people will be helpful – this is called ‘community resilience’.

In the terms of a government document “by becoming more resilient a community can complement the work of blue light and other emergency responders so reducing the impact of an emergency on the community in both the short and long terms.”

This document sets out what we, as the Alvechurch Parish community, need to consider and provide, in order that we can be more resilient. It provides a plan for an organised Parish response in an emergency situation and gives advice to residents on what to do in such a situation.

Alvechurch Parish Council’s work in preparing a Parish Emergency Plan and Manual has been encouraged by officers of the county and the district councils in Worcestershire although there is no statutory requirement on parish councils to produce an emergency plan. This plan and manual begins with a listing of the risk factors relating to potential emergencies in the main parts of our Parish.

In later sections we describe the ways that local people will be informed about a significant emergency and what to do. We also identify as a primary resource, the availability of emergency shelters on a settlement-by-settlement basis across Alvechurch Parish. The detailed information about these shelters in terms of their facilities and access to them has been made available solely for use by the relevant emergency services and officers. Further details are available in the appendices.
Do you know where the Emergency Defib Units are located in the village? 
 Please share this information/request a copy of the map and display it where appropriate - it may just save the life of someone you know!  Defib Map