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Alvechurch Parish Council

serving Alvechurch, Bordesley, Forhill, Hopwood, Rowney Green and Weatheroak.

Annual Parish Meeting Reports

Annual Meeting Reports are distributed each year at the Annual Parish Meeting.

A synopsis of the Chairman’s report each year is contained within the Village Magazine and distributed widely within the community, copies available from the Parish Office and the Library.

By using a wide range of social and media tools, (Website, Newsletter, Facebook, formal and informal meetings and workshops), arranging meetings in different locations and at varying times, by organising one to one appointments for the elderly/disabled upon request etc, the Council mitigates many of the social barriers associated with employment status (hours of work), housing status and social skills, thereby allowing and encouraging all members of the community to converse and engage at whatever level people feel comfortable with the Parish Council and those elected to represent them.

To view an Annual Parish Meeting Report you can contact the Parish Council Office to request a ‘hard copy’ or download an electronic copy here.

Copies of the Annual Report are also available to collect in ‘hard copy’ format from The Library and The Lounge.

Please click on link below to view the relevant yearly report: