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serving Alvechurch, Bordesley, Forhill, Hopwood, Rowney Green and Weatheroak.


Value For Money

It is essential that as a council we provide value for money. This means ensuring that public money is spent efficiently to provide an effective service. Our aim therefore is to get more council activity for the least possible expense without compromising quality.

Alvechuch Parish Council regularly assess ‘value for money’, and questions whether it is really necessary to spend the money or whether it can find a way of addressing a service more efficiently. As part of our commitment to continued improvement we consult other councils and engage with other service users and the wider community to find out what they think and will join with other councils to deliver a more economic service to the community as and where appropriate.

The Council’s Financial Regulations and a number of statutes and procedures provide the Council with the tools it needs to achieve its goals, protect community assets and make best use of public money.

Efficiency and Value for Money

Alvechurch Parish Council recognises the importance of using its resources in an efficient way and one that is shown to give Value for Money.

Efficiency and Value for Money Policy
Item 1
Our Efficiency and Value for Money Policy v2 Feb 2024 shows how we seek to operate in an efficient way.

Financial Risk Management Policies

Council Payments over £500

The Council is legally bound to disclose details of all payments made in excess of £500, it however chooses to make all payment information available and provides as part of its monthly Full Council Minutes a full copy of that particular months payment schedule.

Monthly Financial Payment Schedules

Monthly Financial Payment Schedules
Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4
April 2024May 2024June 2024July 2024
Payment Listing to 30th April
Receipt Listing
Payment List to 30th May
Receipts to 30th May
Payment List – April to 30th June
Receipts to 30th June
Orange Budget Sheet – End Q1
August 2024September 2024October 2024November 2024
December 2024January 2025February 2025March 2025

Annual Accounts

Each year the Parish Council approve the Annual Governance and Accountability Return financial year and the documentation is then submitted to the External Auditor, PKF Littlejohn LLP to be reviewed. Members of the Parish who are named on the Electoral Register are welcome to review the Parish Council’s Annual Accounts at the parish office between the advertised, public audit inspection dates (advertised on the Parish Noticeboard o/s the office each year) by appointment.

Please contact Jayne Smailes (Parish Clerk) on 0121 447 8016 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to make the necessary arrangements.

Annual Accounts 2024-2025

Annual Accounts 2024-2025
Annual AccountsAdditional Supporting Documents
Archived Annual Accounts