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Worcestershire Communities Response for Ukraine
 Just a quick message on Ukraine 🇺🇦 and donations/collections. A number of local community groups are starting to kick into action, but need to be careful about what they donate and should avoid sending inexperienced volunteers in cars and vans.

 If community groups want to gather goods to send out to Ukraine or its borders please ensure they get their goods to Attwell Park Farm, Seafield Lane, B98 9DB, just north of Redditch off the A435. They are open 9am to 5pm for drop offs, 7 days a week.

 Ideally goods should be in pallet format where possible or boxed in a way so they can be quickly loaded on to pallets. Please only supply essential goods from the lists (check online for update on what's needed):

 - Cosmetics and chemicals: shower gel, shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes and toothpaste, barrier creams, sanitary napkins, nappies for children (sizes 3-4-5), washing liquids for children, dishwashing liquids, etc.

- Dressings: means, sterile gauze, sterile compresses, knitted bands, bandages, elastic bandages, ampoules of potassium salt, disinfectants, gloves, disposable, sterile drape dressings, tourniquets, cello, sterile tweezers, cotton wool, dressing scissors, plasters.

- Blankets and sleeping bags.

- Sweets for children

 If people decide to buy a product, we recommend that it be in the purchased carton, sealed. The intention is that local groups across Worcestershire will collect goods from the public and then drop them off to Attwell Farm – please avoid sending people directly to Attwell Farm if you can so they are not overwhelmed.

 Oakland International are providing the lorries and the drivers and are coordinating a UK level response of up to 50 transports from 10 hubs across the country. They will be taking goods to the border areas, and into Ukraine if they can get through.


Email: ukraine@oakland-international.com for groups to coordinate directly with Oakland International.

 Please share this message with community groups and community leaders across Worcestershire.



Emergency Plan (First Response)  Document Pending upload

Do you know where the Emergency Defib Units are located in the village? 
 - Please share this information/request a copy of the map and display it where appropriate - it may just save the life of someone you know!  Defib Map

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