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serving Alvechurch, Bordesley, Forhill, Hopwood, Rowney Green and Weatheroak.


Alvechurch Parish Council, in partnership with Bromsgrove District Council, is trying to improve biodiversity in our area and provide habitat for local wildlife by leaving NINE grass verges uncut throughout the growing season this year. These verges will be left to “go wild” throughout the Spring and Summer and not cut back until early Autumn.

The nine verges are:

  • Robins Hill Drive (at the top of the grass outside No.70)
  • Swans Length open spaces (extension of the uncut grass along the tree line at the rear of the open space)
  • King Fisher Court (large half moon area of grass)
  • Branden Road Junction
  • George Road junction
  • Redditch road outside WCC depot
  • Redditch Road Lye Bridge (section of the verge in front on No.90)
  • Redditch road No 102
  • Redditch road (opposite Grange Lane junction)

If any other verges in the Parish grow long it is not because of this scheme. It will be the result of poor weather or mechanical failure of equipment. Please contact the Parish Council Office if you are aware of a verge in need of cutting.

Also if you notice any plants growing in the “wild” verges” that are hazardous to humans or domesticated animals ( such as hemlock or ragwort ) please report them on This website also gives information about cutting rotas.

Alvechurch Parish Council hopes that through this scheme we will see an increase in pollinators, invertebrates and small mammals in our Parish. The uncut verges will also provide stopping off areas for wildlife passing through our area. Bromsgrove District Council is planning to commission an ecologist to measure the impact of the scheme at the end of the year.